“BCA Certification/Occupation Certificate management for Large Medical Building Works”

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Our first call to Watt Next Management included a request for psychological and emotional support for our management group, with a severe case of what we now call Building Code Anxiety.
We had spent several months attempting to complete an application for a BCA Completion Certificate/occupation certificate, seemed to have gotten nowhere and did not know what to do next.
David from Watt Next Management managed our application from that point through to completion and successful certification in surprisingly short time. He arranged everything from his first site visit, meetings with the Certifier to clarify requirements and meetings with us to provide instructions and monitor progress. We had immediate confidence that the application was under control, then a finite list of simple tasks that we could complete ourselves.
We found that there were some parts of the application that required further discussion between the Certifier and our subcontractors and suppliers, and David conducted those with almost no input from us. We suspect that the whole application process benefited significantly from the fact that the Certifier enjoyed dealing with someone who is an expert in his filed, and our subcontractors and suppliers appreciated having one detailed request and one certificate to sign.
Although we are experienced professionals accustomed to dealing with many codes and standards common in our industry, we doubt that we would ever have finished this BCA Completion Certificate/occupation certificate, certainly not in the time frame and not without a massive impact on our internal resources.
We believe we were lucky to have David’s depth of knowledge and organisational skills available to us.
Marcus Wolfe - Inline Support Systems